Seller’s User Guide

Index of contents:

  1. Navigating the Seller Dashboard
  2. Listing a Product
  3. Setting up an Auction
  4. Earn money using your referral code (Affiliate System)

1. Navigating the Seller Dashboard

In the Seller Dashboard you will see the following menu items:

Seller Overview: Here you can view an overview of your sales and payouts.
Product List: Use this section to view your existing products and to add new products.
Sales History: View a list of your sold products.
Transactions: An overview of your transactions via the Shop GNO website.
Seller Profile: Customise your shop page and details here.
Notifications: View notifications and history of your account activity.
Shop Followers: View a list of customers who have favourited your shop.
Affiliate System: View commissions received from referral sales.
Manage Auctions: If you would like to set one of your products up as a timed auction use this section.
Support: Need support or have a question? Send us a message.

The following menu items are connected to your account details.

Orders: View the orders you have made using the website.
Addresses: Create and save addresses to send your orders to.
My Favourite Sellers: View and edit your favourite sellers list.
MP Affiliate System: Use this section to generate your unique referral code and earn commission.
MP Affiliate Commission: View a record of commissions from your use of the affiliate system.
Logout: Log out of the website and return to the front page.


2. Listing a Product

  1. Log into the website as a Seller and click on Sell an Item, or if in the Seller Dashboard click on Product List.
  2. Click on Add Product.
  3. Choose a category for your product and click on next.
  4. Fill in product details and hit save.
  5. Once you have saved you will now have options to enable stock management, create additional attributes, add a product gallery and change the status from Draft to Online (Live).


3. Setting up an Auction

Once you have saved a product and set it to be live you can choose to turn it into an auction.

  1. Start by clicking on Manage Auction.
  2. Click on Add Auction.
  3. To personalise your auction, select your product and fill in the form to your specification.
  4. Click on save once you are done!


4. Earn money using your referral code (Affiliate System)

You can earn a commission for sales generated by your referrals, to do so follow the following steps:

  1. Scroll down the Seller Dashboard and click on MP Affiliate System.
  2. Click on the Generate Code button.
  3. Click on Save.
  4. Your referral code has now been saved, any website user who enters this code at the checkout will become linked to your account. Whenever they make a purchase from Shop GNO you will receive a commission of the total sales price.
  5. Should you wish to opt-out of receiving sales commissions click on generate code again. This will generate a new code for you and your previous code will no longer be valid.